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About A Difficult Game About Climbing

A Difficult Game About Climbing will immerse you in a challenging online climbing experience. You won't find fancy climbing gear, but many landscapes here.

Play the game

This indie gem, released earlier this year by Pontypants, lives up to its name. You won't find fancy climbing gear or meticulously rendered landscapes here. Instead, the focus is pure and simple: conquer a colossal, treacherous mountain using only your wits and strategically placed handholds.

Simple controls

The gameplay is deceptively straightforward. You control the climber's hands with your mouse (or gamepad), navigating them across a variety of ledges, cracks, and precarious grips. Every hold becomes a test of strategy and precision. Slippery surfaces awkwardly placed grips, and unexpected obstacles all stand between you and the summit.

A Test of Skill and Perseverance

Don't be fooled by the minimalist graphics. A Difficult Game About Climbing is a punishing but fair experience. Each fall is a lesson learned, pushing you to refine your movements and anticipate the mountain's next challenge. The sense of accomplishment upon reaching a new ledge or finally overcoming a particularly tricky section is truly rewarding.

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