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About Ragdoll Archers

Ragdoll Archers is an action-shooting game. The player will be an archer, when confronting the enemy, you will either win or be defeated. Try your best!

Have you ever tried archery? The feeling of being an archer is really cool. If you have a chance, you can try it. Or, you can also make it come true with Ragdoll Archers online game!

Instructions for playing Ragdoll Archers

Your mission

Alone you will face many other archers. Whoever runs out of HP or falls off their platform first will lose. Do not worry! Although you have to face many opponents, they will take turns fighting you. Maximum per turn is 3 to 4 enemies. At that time, players need to use all their skills to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. As long as you hit them, their HP will be reduced. The more you shoot at dangerous places on the body, the more your opponent's HP will be deducted, especially the head and neck. The game will only end when you are defeated.


Drag and release the mouse to shoot the bow.

Upgrade in Ragdoll Archers

Your performance in this game will help you unlock new arrows. As time goes on, the arrows become more and more powerful. You can use poison arrows, fire, or magnets,... to confront enemies. In particular, players can even expand their capacity. That means you can carry many types of arrows to change during combat.

Your score will be calculated based on the number of enemies you defeat. Then, players use those points to upgrade their character's health, stamina, speed, or damage. Note that you should choose appropriate upgrades to strengthen your character. Additionally, if you are interested in board games, you can consider some popular ones like Uno Online or Solitaire Story TriPeaks 3.

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