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Taking Part in Thumb Fighter


Thumb Fighter is a video game that is so funny. Players will participate in battles between thumbs. Try to defeat the enemies until their HP bar runs out.

Defeat your enemies

Battles in Thumb Fighter are quite interesting because players control the thumbs. The player's task is to help his thumb hit other thumbs until he wins. The loser will be the one whose HP bar runs out first. Battles will consist of a maximum of 3 rounds. The player who wins 2 rounds first wins.

There is a tip for players to win. That is, wait until your opponent acts first, then, you can attack them. At that time, you can hit your opponent with greater damage, causing them to suffer more damage.

Some Features of Thumb Fighter

This exciting game includes up to 40 different skins. After each battle, players can unlock new skins and use them to participate in battles. Additionally, you can even choose skins for your opponents. This game is extremely interesting, you can even change the background to make your game experience more interesting and diverse. There are many backgrounds in the game such as Room, Jakarta, Moscu, San Francisco, etc.

In particular, in Thumb Fighter, players can enjoy 2 game modes: P1 vs P2, and P1 vs CPU:

  • P1 vs P2: In this mode, you can play games with friends or relatives. With this interesting mode, players can play games with their opponents on the same device.
  • P1 vs CPU: Your opponent in Thumb Fighter will be AI. However, don't neglect it because AI is also very smart. And if you're not careful, you can completely be defeated.
  • Controls: Use the A key to control player 1 and the L key to control player 2.

If you are interested in this game, join and experience it now! In addition, there are many other interesting games for you to choose from such as Uno Online, and Hills Of Steel. Wish you happy gaming!

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