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Join in Hide And Smash

Are you ready to join a fun game like Hide And Smash? Or you will play the role of hiding or destroying, trying to complete your mission before your opponents.

Division of tasks

This fun game allows you to take on one of two different missions. To determine what your mission is, players need to spin before starting the game. If you spin into Smash, you will be a stickman who uses the stick to smash things in the room and search for hiders. Meanwhile, if you enter the Hide box, you will be one of the hiders who takes on the task of disguising themselves as items in the room such as books, flower pots, balls... The hiders' task is to search and collect. key in the room.

How to win

If the Hide team finds all the keys first, they are the winners and receive a reward. On the contrary, if the Smash team discovers and defeats all the hiders first, they win.

Controls: Players use the mouse to control their character. Wherever you move the mouse, the character will run there. As for smashers, when you stop hovering, they also stop and start smashing things. For hiders, when using hover, they will stop and hide so that the enemy cannot detect them.

Hide And Smash Features

  • The game is not only fair when it allows you to receive missions by randomly rotating levels, the number of smashers and hiders is also divided appropriately.
  • In addition, players can receive coins after each play. You especially get more coins if you win.
  • Use coins to unlock skins for your hammers or cover-ups.
  • The game has an interesting gameplay and a simple control mechanism.

Hide And Smash is really worth a try. This game brings a fun atmosphere to gamers. If you are interested in exploring more games, I think you should try Uno Online and Thumb Fighter.

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