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Join the extremely thrilling Hills Of Steel tank game. You will be a brave soldier. Are you ready to participate in deadly but equally exciting battles?

What is Hills Of Steel?

If you are bored with games like Uno Online or Friday Night Funkin', you can refer to thrilling action games. Among them, Hills Of Steel is an outstanding game that you should definitely try. This game allows you to transform into a soldier, rush into the battlefield and fight against the invasion of enemies. They are quite numerous and equipped with many modern equipment.

How to play Hills Of Steel

Defeat your enemies

In this action game, you will go through many different levels. To reach higher levels, players need to clear previous levels. The lower the levels, the easier the challenge will be, so you need to pay attention when reaching higher levels. Your mission in the levels of Hills Of Steel is to take down each of your enemies one by one. They are also soldiers, controlling tanks with more advanced equipment such as missiles, bombs, etc. When you shoot them, until their HP bar runs out, you can defeat them. . However, if you are the one to run out of the HP bar first, you are the loser. Even if you have destroyed most of the enemies, as soon as you are defeated, you have to play the level again from the beginning.

Control instructions

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to attack.

Upgrade in the game

Hills Of Steel allows you to unlock more modern tanks, bring better features and make it easier for you to win. However, to own them, players need to have enough diamonds to unlock them in the game store. Besides, you can also equip necessary equipment before participating in the battle for survival such as Repair Kit to restore parts of lost health, Circular Saw to constantly damage nearby enemies, or Force Shield to blocks incoming damage.. .
In particular, after each victory and reaching a higher level, the player can upgrade their or their ability. These upgrades will be very useful for you, such as super booster, explosive scraps, or confidence,... And these upgrades will be maintained until you exit the game.

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