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About Ocho

Ocho is a funny card game for people. Are you ready to participate in exciting competitions with colorful cards? Start the game and enjoy it.

In fact, this game is no longer strange to online gamers. You surely know some similar card games like Uno Online or Uno Heroes. Ocho is also an indispensable part of creating success in this card game genre. However, this new game has interesting differences that you cannot easily find in many other online games. Are you curious about those things? Follow us and come to the next parts to find out!

Ocho Online Game

Guide to play

The Ocho card game requires players to face off against other players around the world. They will be your random opponents. To be able to participate in the game, the first thing you need to do is set your nickname in the game. This is to easily distinguish players with similar avatars.

Your task is to discard all the cards you have. It sounds easy to say, but in reality it is not simple. Players need to follow each turn. Each turn, you can only drop 1 card. Just like that until someone puts down all their cards, that's the winner. You also need to know how to use special cards to have a reasonable strategy. They can even be the deciding factor that helps you turn the situation around in battle.

Differences compared to Uno Online

  • In Ocho, players can unlock avatars for themselves, just like unlocking heroes in Uno Heroes. This will help you distinguish between players more easily. However, Uno Online does not have this feature.
  • In addition, Uno Online's card game requires the player to press button 1 to notify when there is only one last card left. Otherwise, you will be fined. That can also be considered an interesting feature of the game, but in Ocho, there are no buttons with similar effects.
  • Another difference lies in the game mode. Occho online games even offer players a multiplayer game mode with more players. Maximum of 6 players, which Uno Online does not have.

Based on the above comparisons, which game do you feel is attractive? To me, both are worth trying and the features of each game bring positive and extremely interesting effects. If you have the chance, play both of these card games!