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Description of Tetris

Tetris is an exciting puzzle game that you must try. In the game, you need to arrange pieces into the appropriate positions to remove them from the game board.

This legendary game has appeared in many different versions. However, Tetris still firmly holds its position as one of the most worth-trying puzzle games of all time. Games not only help you relieve stress but are also a great way to help you practice many other skills, such as thinking and reflexes.

Tetris - The Best Puzzle Game

How to play Tetris

In this puzzle game, the pieces will appear in a number of different colored shapes, creating a brilliant picture. They will come from the top of the game screen and slowly fall down. Meanwhile, your task is to move the mouse left or right to move the falling tetrimino in the corresponding direction. The tetrimino and pins will rotate based on the position of the mouse pointer. If you want the tetrimino to fall faster, click the left mouse button to hard drop the tetrimino into place.

Or players can also use the arrow keys to control:

  • Up arrow key - Rotate
  • Down arrow key - Drop
  • Left/Right arrow key - Move

Some tips for players

Use the ghost piece to determine the best fill for the Tetrimino, then point directly where you want to place it. Move the pointer around to view alternative rotations.

Pay attention to the suggestion box on the right. There, players can see the next Tetris pieces that will appear. You can rely on that to pre-arrange their positions. This not only helps you save time but also easily control your direction without surprises.

There are many attractive puzzle games, but Tetris, Uno Online and Merge Fruit are highly rated games. Especially at this gaming web, we receive a lot of positive feedback about these online games!