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What is Neon Tower?

Neon Tower is an extremely attractive arcade game. Your task is to help the ball fall from the top of the tower to the bottom to get as many points as possible.

When mentioning interesting arcade games, it is impossible not to mention Neon Tower. This online video game is an extremely impressive game. It has eye-catching graphics, but the gameplay is not boring. Furthermore, players can completely understand the game rules easily. Are you ready to conquer Neon Tower?

Immerse Yourself in Neon Tower

Playing the game

Participating in this super exciting game, your task is to help your ball bounce from the top of the tower to the bottom. The deeper you help it go, the higher the score you will get. In particular, Neon Tower's tower can rotate. Therefore, players need to rotate it so that the ball moves most conveniently. Try to keep it in contact with black surfaces, and avoid red surfaces. Because that can be considered a "dead land" in this game. As soon as the ball comes into contact with the red surfaces, the game is over, you lose.

Some power-ups

  • Boost: Collecting the arrow icon that appears on the tower will help you receive a huge source of energy. Thanks to this, your ball can penetrate a series of floors of the building, even passing through red surfaces without any problems.
  • Protective Shield: This Power-up will give your ball a protective shield. It keeps the ball safe even if it accidentally touches the red positions. However, this protective film only works once, it will disappear as soon as you enter a dangerous area.
  • Puzzle Pieces: Collect all 4 puzzle pieces in Neon Tower, and you will assemble a coin-shaped picture. After that, you just received a boost like a boost, and a lot of coins also appeared on the game's tower. Try to collect as many as possible.

The Neon Tower game is available on the Uno Online website. Players can enjoy it anytime, and anywhere. Wish you happy gaming!