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About Fish Eat Fish


Fish Eat Fish is an underwater survival game. In the game, the player guides a small fish to hunt under the ocean so it becomes bigger and stronger.


Join the battle with many different opponents. Your duty is to try to become the ruler of the world and the strongest fish in the ocean. To do so, players need to become stronger and bigger to avoid being bullied by other fish.

Participating in Fish Eat Fish, each player chooses a fish and names it. Then, start participating in survival. Why call this a war of survival? Because in this war, the weaker will be chased and eliminated by the strong. If you are strong, help your fish eat a lot, hunt a lot and conquer this vast ocean.

How to control: Players use the mouse to control the fish. Whichever direction you move the mouse, the fish will move in that direction. Additionally, click and hold the mouse to speed up.

Some creatures live in the ocean

The creatures that exist under the ocean are very diverse. In addition to wild fish for each gamer, players can also encounter the appearance of many other creatures such as:

  • Starfish: helps you add 5 points
  • Scallops: plus 1 point
  • Sea snake: plus 2 points
  • Crab + Sea Snail: plus 3 points
  • Octopus: depending on the color of each octopus, their effects are different. Red octopuses will cause you to lose points, while others will cause you to slow down or even stand still for a short time.

The Fish Eat Fish game includes many interesting features along with engaging gameplay that is definitely a great choice for gamers. If you like such fun survival games, don't miss this game. Besides, there are some other attractive games you may also like like Uno Online or Ragdoll Archers.

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