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About Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero is an addictive video game. In which, you will become the first one to move all 4 of his tokens around the game board and into your house.

Race to the destination

Joining Ludo Hero, your task is very simple: be the first player to move all four of your tokens around the game board and into your home area. Players take turns rolling a single die and strategically moving their tokens based on the roll. A roll of six allows a token to enter the playing field from its starting position.

Throughout the game, landing on an opponent's occupied space can result in sending their tokens back to their starting point, adding a layer of competition.

Why is this game popular?

The basic rules of Ludo are straightforward, but the game offers opportunities for strategic thinking. Players must carefully consider their moves, balancing the risk of being sent back with the potential to capture opposing tokens. The element of chance adds to the excitement, keeping every game fresh and unpredictable.

Some notes for you

  • In order for your tokens to be sold, you need to roll the dice and get a 6-dot face.
  • Every time you roll the dice and get 6 dots, you have one more roll. However, you cannot roll more than four times in a row.
  • Cells with stars are safe cells. There, you won't have to worry about being attacked.
  • To play Ludo Hero, players need to have a clear and reasonable strategy to avoid being chased by their opponents.

In fact, the Ludo game is a very popular board game around the world. Previously, we could only play it offline, today thanks to technology, we can enjoy the game online everywhere, at any time. You can even play with other online players around the world thanks to Ludo Hero's Online Multiplayer mode. You can also play faster with AI. This reminds us of some other games like Uno Online and Tongits.

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