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About Dynamons 7


Dynamons 7 is an action game. Players need to use their skills to train for Dynamons and then participate in competitions. Try to become the winner.

There are a lot of training games, but this game is one of the best that you should try. The game has had many previous versions, but with this seventh version, the features have been improved, providing a better experience for users.

Guide to play in the game

Joining this game, you will play the role of a Dynamons Captain who will capture and train summoned creatures called Dynamons. Battles will take place between you and other trainers. The common goal of Captains is to help their Dynamons defeat their opponents, receive rewards and upgrade to higher levels. Players will conquer Dynamons 7 through different locations. Sometimes, it's against other trainers and their Dynamons, but sometimes, it's against Wild Dynamons, and you can catch them and train them.

Tips and Tricks in Dynamons 7

  • When the Wild Dynamons are gradually weakened after being attacked by your Dynamons, do not defeat them immediately. Let's catch them!
  • Use shards to level up your Dynamons. And you can even unlock new skills for them.
  • Players can buy many items in Dynamons 7's shop. They will help you in fierce battles.
  • You can even buy additional shards to help you upgrade your Dynamons.
  • There are several types of skills of Dynamons. Use strong type when possible. For example, green can be stronger than blue and yellow, yellow is stronger than blue and purple, blue is stronger than purple and orange, purple is stronger than orange and green, and orange is stronger than green and yellow.

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