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Battleship is becoming a new phenomenon in the field of online games. The battle will become extremely fierce with the warships of the two opposing teams.

Combat objectives in Battleship

In any war, the most important goal that every player aims for is always victory. The same is true in the Battleship online game. In this game, you and your opponent will compete in the middle of the ocean. Each team has 6 warships. Your goal is to shoot down all enemy ships before they do the same to you. Of course, fleets will not appear immediately on the Battleship's screen. Players need to use radar to detect the enemy's location on the map and shoot them.

  • If you hit, there will be explosions, and the map will be marked in red to represent the location that was revealed.
  • If you don't hit, the green will be marked on the hill map. You can rely on that to avoid repeating mistakes and predict the opponent's position.

Battleship and the reasons why you should play the game

Exciting game modes

There are 2 modes in this game. If you are a newcomer, you can choose Classic Mode for a beginning. Meanwhile, you can challenge yourself and get more fun with Advanced Mode. Basically, both of these Battleship modes have similar requirements and features. However, Advanced will be a more difficult mode. This is also the place where masters of the game often choose to have fun. If you have enough confidence, don't hesitate to conquer the game now!

Strategy for players

Before each battle, players have the right to devise a strategy for themselves and their fleet. To ensure safety, you can customize the position of each warship, but only before starting the game. During this time, the player can position warships and change their direction. Besides, Battleship will also show you the status of the enemy fleet as well as yours. Thanks to that, you can judge the size as well as a bit about the position of the enemy warship.

Battleship is an action game that requires high strategy. However, if you are interested in strategy games but are tired of action games, you can build your strategy in other titles like Uno Online, 8 Ball Pool, and 2048.

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