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Manage your own life in Bitlife online now! Every event in your life is reproduced in this wonderful game, and only you can decide who you are!

Why should you play Bitlife?

With so many options and challenges, you can play BitLife for a long time without getting bored. There are also frequent updates with new content to keep things fresh. The game doesn't shy away from the weird and dark side of life. If you enjoy a bit of gallows humor, you'll probably find BitLife funny. Moreover, BitLife lets you experience all sorts of lives, from becoming a rockstar to running a crime ring. You can be good, bad, or completely random, and see where the choices take you.

Bitlife gameplay

BitLife revolves around making choices that shape your character's life, from birth to death. Players can be born into royalty or poverty, choose a lawful path as a doctor, or a life of crime as a mafia boss. The options are vast, encompassing careers, relationships, hobbies, and even the occasional bizarre event. This variety allows players to explore different life paths, be it the glamorous world of a movie star or the gritty reality of a homeless person. Success or failure hinges on the choices made, with random events adding a layer of unpredictable chaos that keeps things interesting.

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