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About Emily's Hotel Solitaire


Emily's Hotel Solitaire is an amazing card game. Players will rely on cards to build a dream hotel in this game. What will your hotel look like?

Story of the game

Building the greatest hotel in the most picturesque location on Earth was Emily's grandfather's goal. She seemed to be one step away from realizing her dream! Yes, this location is the inspiration! Come on, let's get constructing!

Enjoy playing Emily's Hotel Solitaire

Some power-ups in the game

  • Sheild: Your combo is now protected and will be reset after the combo is interrupted
  • Magnet: It helps you collect any three cards right when starting the game.
  • Rocket: This power-up helps players collect more cards. It will launch from the bottom and collect all the cards it passes.

Players can use coins to buy these power-ups. They will help you a lot in the process of conquering Emily's Hotel Solitaire game.


An opening card lies below. A card from the field that has a value that is one higher or lower can be taken and placed on it. To win, you must remove all cards from the field. Let's try and do this starting from the two. Now, remove the remaining cards on the field to complete the level. All of the available cards have run out. Let's turn the cards over in the deck and remove the remaining cards.

The important thing is that the cards you can collect will be larger or smaller cards adjacent to the currently appearing card. By collecting cards in order, you get a reward. the reward is double if you collect cards of one colour. When there are no more moves left, so let's use a Joker. You can take any card off the field and put it onto it.

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