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Playing Headcases


Headcase is about Norman's exciting journey. You will help him conquer all difficulties in a strange world. Are you ready to be a superhero?

What happened in Headcase?

Originally a mischievous boy, a normal person who only liked reading stories late at night. Suddenly, one day, Norman was transported to a very strange world by a cosmic lightning bolt. Here, all creatures move on the wall. Not only that, there are also many dangerous monsters. In particular, now Norman suddenly turns into a superhero who has a really big head. Many interesting things happen in the game, and you will gradually discover them!

Explore a new world in Headcase

Your journey

In the game, your mission is to accompany Norman, help him increase his head size and complete each other mission through each level. The game provides many green diamonds, follow them to the instructions boxes, and they will teach you how to use your head. When encountering enemies, players can use this big head to attack and defeat them. However, only the head can knock them out. In addition, if any other part of Norman's body touches the monsters, you will lose.

Headcase is extremely impressive to gamers because of its gameplay and interesting features. Players have the opportunity to jump and fly through water pipes in the game. You can even take advantage of blue blocks to move around the map. However, you also need to use them properly if you don't want to be crushed.

How to control

The player uses WASD, or arrow keys, to control the character and press the spacebar to jump. The headcase has green and pink blocks. When standing on pink blocks, you can jump, but green ones cannot. Because they have a lot of sticky substances that pull your feet back. Wish you happy gaming!

Headcase is a fun running game with great features and graphics. Fish Eat Fish is the same, if you are interested, you can try it and Uno Online too.