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About Mergest Kingdom

Mergest Kingdom will take you to a magical farm. You need to grow crops, harvest agricultural products and wood, then develop and expand your farm.

Your mission in Mergest Kingdom

In Mergest Kingdom, you are a hero saving the princess or a conqueror building an empire. Your mission is a bit more whimsical: to rebuild a magical land and transform it into the most enchanting realm in the Seventh Realm!

How to gain your aim

  • Matching objects by threes is the core mechanic. By merging things, you'll collect resources, create magnificent structures, and grow bountiful crops.
  • The game offers quests that guide you and give you specific objects to merge. Completing these quests unlocks new areas and keeps you moving forward.
  • The resources you gather allow you to design and customize your island, making it your own special place.
  • As you merge buildings, they become grander and more impressive, adding to the charm of your kingdom.

Some outstanding features

  • The core gameplay revolves around merging hundreds of objects you find throughout the land. This includes dragons, trees, gems, and even seemingly mundane things - all with the potential to be transformed into something more magical.
  • Unlike many merge games, Mergest Kingdom offers multiple characters to choose from, each with their own storyline to discover.
  • The game offers daily quests that provide you with coins, gems and other rewards, keeping you engaged and giving you a reason to return every day.
  • The kingdom is vast and filled with hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered. As you progress, you'll unlock new territories, encountering enchanting creatures and mysterious objects along the way.

Mergest Kingdom is a great puzzle game. If you are interested in this type of game, you can experience Uno Online and Balls 98.

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