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The Challenges of Trap The Cat


Trap The Cat challenges you to catch a smart black cat. Use your strategic thinking and observation abilities to trap this agile cat, don't let it escape!

Conquer challenges

A little cat is wandering into your garden, what will you do with it? Try to catch it without causing any damage. However, this cat is very smart, it can see your loopholes and take advantage of them to escape. Your goal is to prevent that from happening, trying to block the cat's path.

You and the cat will challenge each other, each person has the opportunity to move one step, taking turns. You will be the winner as soon as you block the cat's escape and catch it. Mark the hexagons to place stones on them, blocking the cat's path. It's best to be on guard and block it from afar otherwise it can even make your traps useless.

How To Play

In fact, controlling Trap The Cat is not difficult, you can click on any hexagon to check it. It is important that you have a clear and sharp strategy if you want to successfully catch cats. Good luck!

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