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About Ant Art Tycoon

Ant Art Tycoon will satisfy your passion for art. You sell paintings in galleries and try to offer reasonable prices so customers can buy the paintings.

Painting by ants

Ever dreamt of managing a bustling art gallery filled with... well, ant-made masterpieces? Then buckle up because Ant Art Tycoon, the quirky online clicker game, is here to make your micro-managing dreams a reality. You start the game as a down-on-their-luck art dealer with nothing but a handful of artistic ants. Your task? To nurture their talent, cultivate their creativity, and ultimately transform them into a team of renowned... and artists!

How to play

The game goes beyond just mindless clicking. You'll need to manage your resources wisely, upgrade your ant studio, and even cater to the ever-evolving tastes of the art world. Watch public reactions to your ant creations, adjust your selling prices accordingly, and become a master of the art market!

A World of Quirky Charm

Ant Art Tycoon's appeal lies in its unique blend of clicker mechanics and lighthearted humor. Watching your little ant artists diligently create masterpieces, the ever-changing art trends, and the overall quirky atmosphere make for a delightfully engaging experience. So, are you ready to become the next big name in the ant art world?

Platform: Uno Online

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